If you don't know the essence of the ingredients and manufacturing method, you can't reach something really delicious.

Like other ingredients, seaweed such as kelp has the best timing and time.


Even in season, different manufacturing methods will make a difference in taste and flavor.

Dried saffron cod (commonly known as saffron cod) landed in Ara Papa's hometown is a processed product that is made by drying saffron cod (seasonal) of a suitable size in the sun and firmly anjou (aged). There is also softness in the saffron cod, and the rich umami and unique flavor are exceptional.

Dried umami (also known as umami because it is large) that is generally sold is a product that is finished by machine drying and roller compression, but it has the same appearance such as color and shape, and it is also important to make it easy to eat. However, compared to the products introduced earlier, the umami, flavor, and texture are less than half, which is completely different!

Of course it is important to use seasonal ingredients, but the decisive factor for the deliciousness is the manufacturing method that repeats sun drying and anjou over several days.

The time-consuming and discerning gem applies to all ingredients

Fruit picking that Ara Daddy and Ara Mama are looking forward to every year for the past few years.

That's right for the fruits you eat there

If you know the deliciousness of ripe cherries, grapes, peaches and prunes, you will not be able to buy what is sold in the store ...

Fruits that are generally sold are calculated so that they can be cram schooled by the time they hit the shelves, and the pulp is harvested in a hard state.
It looks good but it tastes bad

Kelp is no exception

The kelp that grows from spores passes the peak of the season when the spore-releasing spores are formed.
The condition for making delicious kelp is to collect seasonal kelp before the formation of ascospores, dry it in the sun under favorable conditions, add moderate moisture after drying, and ripen it.

This time-consuming kelp is a product with a strong umami and rich flavor.

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